3 Bar Ranch - Cattle Callin

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The 23-track Cattle Callin features Hank3's driving, formidable guitar attack, with instrumentation built around the auctioneering (provided by legendary auctioneers Mitch Jordan and Tim Dowler) and, in some cases, his own higher-register vocal treatment laid over the top.  You've never heard anything like it.

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3 Bar Ranch - Cattle Callin  (2011)
Label - Hank 3 Records

  1. Tim Dowler - Black Cow
  2. Joe Goggins - Now There s A Bull
  3. Dan Clark - 37 Heffers
  4. Tim Dowler - Mad Cow
  5. Mitch Jordan Branded
  6. Tim Dowler - Square Bailor
  7. Jason Miller - Cuttin Hay
  8. Mitch Jordan - Y Bar Ranch
  9. Countin Cows
  10. Mad Cow
  11. Dominic Herrera - Lot 53
  12. Hugh Howell - Cow Sold
  13. Hugh Howell & Eddie Cope - Cow Mortal
  14. Gwynn Howell - Bull Balls
  15. Hugh Howell - Heavy Cattle
  16. Y Bar Ranch
  17. Black Cow
  18. Eddie Cope Longhorn
  19. Square Bailor
  20. Moo You
  21. Tim Dowler - Angus of Death
  22. Jason Miller - Cattle Callin Lonesome Blues
  23. Branded
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