Brothers Of The 4X4 (Two Discs) - 2013
Hank 3 Records
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Nearly Gone, Hurtin for Certin, Brothers of the 4X4, Farthest Away, Held Up, The Outdoor Plan, Deep Scars, Looky Yonder Commin, Ain't Broken Down, Overdrive, Loners 4 Life, Dread Full Drive, Gettin Dim, Possum in a Tree, Broken Boogie, Toothpickin



 A Fiendish Threat - 2013
Hank 3 Records
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Can I Rip U, Different From The Rest, There's Another Road, Broke Jaw, Watchin U Suffer, Breakin Free, Facedown, New Identity, Feel The Sting, Fight My Way, Full On, Your Floor, A Fiendish Threat

Ghost To A Ghost / Guttertown (Two Discs) - 2011
Hank 3 Records
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Ghost to a Ghost (Disc 1): Gutter Town, Day By Day, Ridin The Wave, Dont Ya Wanna, Ray Lawrence Jr, The Devils Movin In, Time To Die, Troopers Hollar, Outlaw Convention, Cunt Of A Bitch, Ghost to a Ghost
Gutter Town (Disc 2): Goin to Gutter  Town, Gutter Stomp, The Dirt Road, Musha’s, The Dream of Before, Dyin Day, I Promised, Chord of the Organ, Move Them Songs, The Low Line, I’ll Be Gone, Troopers Chaos, Chaos Queen, Thunderpain, Fadin Moon, The Round, I’ll Save My Tears, It’s Goin Down, With the Ship

Attention Deficit Domination - 2011
Hank 3 Records
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In The Camouflage, I Feel Sacrificed, Bend, Make A Fall, Livin Beyond Doom, Demons Mark, Aman,   Get Str8, Goats “N” Heathans

3 Bar Ranch - 2011
Hank 3 Records
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Tim Dowler - Black Cow, Joe Goggins - Now There’s A Bull, Dan Clark - 37 Heffers, Tim Dowler - Mad Cow, Mitch Jordan – Branded, Tim Dowler - Square Bailor, Jason Miller - Cuttin Hay, Mitch Jordan - Y Bar Ranch, Countin Cows, Mad Cow, Dominic Herrera - Lot 53, Hugh Howell - Cow Sold, Hugh Howell & Eddie Cope - Cow Mortal, Gwynn Howell - Bull Balls, Hugh Howell - Heavy Cattle, Y Bar Ranch, Black Cow, Eddie Cope – Longhorn, Square Bailor, Moo You, Tim Dowler - Angus of Death, Jason Miller - Cattle Callin Lonesome Blues, Branded

Other Releases:

Hank III - Rebel Within (2010), Assjack (2009), Hank III- Damn Right Rebel Proud (2008), Hank III - Straight To Hell (2006), Hank Williams III - Lovesick Broke and Driftin (2002), Hank III - Risin' Outlaw (1999)


(no longer in production)

Bootleg 3 - 2002

Tennessee Driver, Wasting Away, Choking Gesture, Gravel Pit, Cutthroat, Smoke The Fire, What You Live For, Gotta Buy Paw A Truck, No Regrets, Doing What I Want, South Hoompa Jam



Bootleg #2 - 2001

Stoned & Mental, Hang On, Hellbilly Joker, Runnin' & Gunnin’, Now He's Dead, Sweet & Addictive  Cock Rock Song, Beer/Drugs, Flatt & Scrugs, South Hoompa Jam, Disrespectful



Bootleg 1 - 20001
Go Fuck You, Hey Man, I’m Drunk Again, Runnin' & Gunnin’, Life of Sin, weet & Addictive, Mary Fuckin' Jane, Disrespectful, Hellbilly



Live In Scotland - 2001
Wine Spodeeodee, Why Don't You Leave Me Alone, Cocaine Blues, I Don't Know, On My Own, Mississippi Mud, he Sun Comes Up, Long Gone Lonesome Blues, Ramblin' Man, If the Shoe Fits, Trashville



Life of Sin (45 RPM) - 2000
Side A - Life Of Sin
Side B - Hellbilly




Hank III Says Fuck You!!! (Cassette) - 2000< /b>Sides A & B 1. Disrespectful 2. Hellbilly 3. Runnin' & Gunnin' 4. I'm Drunk Again 5. Life of Sin


::: Hank 3 Also Appears On :::

Grandpa's Cough Medicine - 180 Proof (2015)
Bob Wayne - Till The Wheels Fall Off (2012)
Marty Stuart - Nashville, Vol. 1 Tear The Woodpile Down (2012)
Farmer Jason and Buddies - 'Nature Jams (2012)
Arson Anthem - Insecurity Notoriety (2010)
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For The Sick - A Tribute To EYEHATEGOD (2006)
Those Poor Bastards - Pills I Took 7" Record (2006)
Rebel Meets Rebel - Rebel Meets Rebel (2006)
Antiseen - Everybody Loves Antiseen (2006)
Hank Williams - Honky Tonk Blues (DVD 2004)
Touch My Heart - A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck (2004)
Superjoint Ritual - Live at CBGB's (DVD 2004)
Superjoint Ritual - A Lethal Dose of American Hatred (2003)
Sharp Dressed Men - A Tribute To ZZ Top (2002)
Dale Watson - Live In London England (2002)
Dressed in Black - A Tribute To Johnny Cash (2002)
Rise Above - 24 Black Flag Songs (2002)
Willie Nelson & Friends - Stars & Guitars (2002)
Superjoint Ritual - Live in Dallas, Texas (DVD 2002)
Driven - Official Movie Soundtrack (2001)
Cool Country Hits - Volume 3 (2001)
Timeless - A Tribute To Hank Williams (2001)
Southlander - (Independent film/DVD 2001)
Melvins - The Crybaby (2000)
Badlands - Tribute To Springsteen's Nebraska (2000)
Hank Williams Jr - The Complete Box Set (1999)
Three Hanks - Men With Broken Hearts (1996)