Brothers Of The 4X4

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Hank 3's country record, Brothers Of The 4x4, is just that - country, and the realness of it shines throughout the record like moonlight hitting a mason jar of corn liquor - it ain't always the smoothest, and it doesn't come wrapped in a fancy package, but it's 100% pure whoop-ass in a bottle that gets the job done quicker and better and reminds you where you originally came from once you figure out what just hit you. On "Outdoor Plan" he sings of fishing and hunting as a way of life, and it's a fact that more than one deer and turkey has met its maker at the end of his gun's barrel. The title track, "Brothers of the 4x4" celebrates the wide open full throttle love of off roadin' and rootin' in a four wheel drive - the cover of the record shows Williams mud bogging in a custom 4x4, and it's not some redneck rental - that's his ride. And because life ain't always happy, when the heartbreak and hard times cracks through the sonic celebration on songs like "Loners 4 Life" and "Ain't Broken Down", it's because Hank 3 is well acquainted with the darker side of life, and not as some tourist. The album is a rich and gritty sounding mixture of sadness, pride, hope - in other words, it's a great country record.
~ Randy Blythe

Brothers Of The 4X4 (Two Discs) - 2013
Label - Hank 3 Records

(Disc 1):

  1. Nearly Gone
  2. Hurtin For Certin
  3. Brothers Of The 4x4
  4. Farthest Away  
  5. Held Up  
  6. The Outdoor Plan
  7. Deep Scars
  8. Looky Yonder Commin
  9. Aint Broken Down
  10. Overdrive  Loners 4 Life  
  11. Dread Full Drive  
(Disc 2) 
  1. Gettin Dim
  2. Possum In A Tree
  3. Broken Boogie
  4. Toothpickin
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