A Fiendish Threat

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A rippingly fast blast of sounds reminiscent of The Misfits, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, The Ramones and other punk rock greats that are as much a part of Hank 3's musical identity as his country roots. But "A Fiendish Threat", like all of the man's musical output, is anything but a formulaic, by-the-numbers rehash of what has been previously done by others. Stand up bass, fiddle, and banjo are not exactly standard instruments in punk rock, but they are on this record, riding beneath 3's howling distorted vocals. Perhaps this is the birth of rebelcore punk? Whatever you want to call it, Williams has left his own touch on the genre, even utilizing a bizarrely beautiful Hula-music-on-acid sounding Hawaiian guitar at times. Some of the songs can make the listener feel like someone dropped LSD in their cheap draft beer ata CBGB matinee show headlined by a ghoulish Hawaiian punk band.
~Randy Blythe

A Fiendish Threat - 2013
Label - Hank 3 Records

  1. Can I Rip U
  2. Different From The Rest
  3. There's Another Road
  4. Broke Jaw
  5. Watchin U Suffer  
  6. Breakin Free
  7. Facedown
  8. New Identity
  9. Feel The Sting
  10. Fight My Way
  11. Full On  
  12. Your Floor  
  13. A Fiendish Threat
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