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::: January 01, 2014 :::
Happy New Year...
There will be some down time for a short period as Hank works on a side project recording. Also in the mix for early in the year (hopefully sometime in February) Hank will be releasing two new videos - each one from his last two albums. One video will come from the last Country record entitled, "Brothers Of The 4X4", and another from his own brand of Rebelcore Punk music, that was entitled, "A Fiendish Threat". After both the video releases and side recording project are completed, a tour will follow - there are no tour dates set at this time.

Again, much respect to everyone who came out to the shows this past year, everyone who bought merchandise, and gave support. As always, keep an eye on the Tour section here, the Facebook page, and Twitter. As tour dates are confirmed, that is where you will find more info.


::: January 21, 2014 :::
Hank 3 recently finished taping an appearance on The Marty Stuart Show. As of now the show is scheduled to be broadcast on May 17 - so get those recorders set!

This marks the second appearance for Hank on Marty's show, the first time was 2010. Hank and Marty are long time friends, and he also appeared on Marty's 2012 release, entitled: "Nashville, Volume 1: Tear The Woodpile Down".

Pictured below is a photo from this most recent taping. Standing next to Hank is his mother, and next to Marty is his wife, and wonderful vocalist Connie Smith.


::: March 15, 2014 :::
Hank 3 fans - Once again, Curb is repackaging and rereleasing previously released Hank 3 music. The songs on "Ramblin' Man" and any other compilation records released in the past or in the future by Curb Records contain NO NEW MUSIC and all tracks on these records are readily available to the fans through other means.


If you want new Hank 3 music, always keep an eye on this news section and the Music Section of 3Bay.


::: March 17, 2014 :::
The new video for "Different From The Rest", from Hank's 2013 release titled "A Fiendish Threat" is currently being streamed exclusively at Crave Online. Stop by and check it out - you can pick up the entire CD or vinyl in the music section of 3Bay, as well as all other releases from Hank 3 Records.


::: April 2, 2014 :::
The official video for "Different From The Rest" is now available on the Official Hank 3 YouTube Channel. If you are a YouTube user, be sure to subscribe!

::: May 1, 2014 :::
A tour is being put together that will start in June - be sure to check out the tour section and Facebook page for more info. When dates are CONFIRMED, they will be posted there.


::: June 1, 2014 :::
Only two more days until the East Coast tour kicks off - many shows are already sold out, so if you have not purchased tickets, you may want to do so now. Show dates are posted in the Tour section, and you can follow the Facebook page for tour photos.

Hank recently picked 10 Essential Country Artists for MusicRadar. Among others, the list includes Dock Boggs, David Allan Coe, Johnny Paycheck, and Wayne Hancock. Be sure to check out the article to see the other picks and read Hank's thoughts on each one.

An official video for the song Loners For Life, from the Brothers of the 4x4 release has been made public, and is the latest addition to the Hank 3 YouTube Channel. You can stream it below, and also find other personal videos uploaded by Hank 3 when you visit the channel page.


::: June 3, 2014 :::
The current tour kicks off tonight in Louisville, KY. Throughout the whole tour, songs for each set will vary but you can normally expect approximately two hours with The Damn Band during the Country/Hellbilly set, then around 30 minutes of the Punk/Rebelcore music style of Hank's project simply known as "3" - with which he released, "A Fiendish Threat". After that, the lights go down and the volume goes up for about an hour as Attention Deficit Domination (A.D.D.) cranks out some heavy Doom Metal. Another 30 minutes or so will then be dedicated to the 3Bar Ranch/Cattle Callin' set. Hank 3 will be on vocals and guitar for all sets. The rest of the band members are:

Anthony Galler - Upright Bass (Damn Band & 3)
Daniel Mason - Banjo (Damn Band)
David McElfresh - Fiddle, Steel Guitar (Damn Band), Keyboards (A.D.D.), Guitar (3Bar Ranch)
Duane Denison - Guitar (Damn Band)
Matt Bohli - Drums (Damn Band)
Phillip Cancilla - Drums (3Bar Ranch)
Bobby Hattenburg - Drums (3, A.D.D.)


::: June 5, 2014 :::

3Bay is getting ready for the next Official Hellbetty Pin-up Calendar (2015), and again it will be comprised from personally submitted photos of YOU. All entries need to be sent in BEFORE AUGUST 8th and adhere to the following guidelines:

1. All submissions MUST HAVE something Hank 3 related in the photo, and be visible. Merchandise, tattoo, artwork, etc...anything Hank 3 related.
2. NO SUBMISSIONS will be accepted via email, or other electronic outlets. The ONLY submissions that will be considered must be sent to us in the form of print quality photos, either in hard copy form, or placed on digital media such as a CD/DVD/Flash drive. Again, keep in mind, THIS IS FOR PRINT, SO THE HIGHER THE RESOLUTION OF THE PHOTOS, THE BETTER. And please be aware, no entries will be returned.
3. All submissions must include contact information! This is EXTREMELY important! If your entry is selected to be included within the calendar, you MUST sign a legal waiver, and thus we will need that information in order to contact you.
4. We ask that ANY photo(s) you submit NOT BE POSTED to any social media outlet, website, or otherwise shared publicly DURING OR EVEN PRIOR to the selection process. If it is found that your submitted photo(s), or photo(s) even similar to what you submitted are in violation of this request, you will NOT be considered for selection within the calendar. If selected, entries will be notified by August 29th.
5. Please do not use any corporate type brand items in your photos - we do not want the possibility of them being construed as an advertisement the brand.

So, what are you ladies wait'n on?!?! You can send your entries to the address below - and remember, you only have until AUGUST 8th to get them to us! Be creative, comprise certain holiday themes, just be absolutely sure you follow rule #1, and have fun!
3 Bay
P.O.Box 60185
Nashville, TN


::: June 18, 2014 :::
Tour dates for July / August are developing - check the tour section for confirmed dates.

As in the past, shows will be formatted into multi-sets. Up first The Damn Band will play around two hours for the Country/Hellbilly set, after which will then be approximately 30 minutes of Hank's project simply known as "3" - with which he released the Punk music inspired, "A Fiendish Threat". After those two sets, the stage lights will dim as Attention Deficit Domination (A.D.D.) cranks out some heavy Doom Metal for about an hour or so, then around another 30 minutes will be dedicated to the 3Bar Ranch/Cattle Callin' set. Set lists will vary on any given night and all sets will feature Hank 3 on vocals and guitar.


::: July 15, 2014 :::
A Southeast tour kicks off tonight in Chattanooga - check the tour section for more dates. You can read how each show will be formatted in previous news entries, as well as the band line-up(s) for each set. One addition has been made to the line-up, Dan Johnson will be playing steel guitar. Dan's out of the Austin area and was the touring steel player with The Damn Band previously from 2001 to 2004.

Also, you Hellbetties out there, don't forget about submitting your photos for the 2015 calendar - the deadline is before August 8th. Guidelines are in the June 5th news entry.


::: August, 27, 2014 :::
Thanks to all the Hellbetties who submitted photos for the calendar. All entries are being evaluated, and models will be contacted soon if their images are selected for use.

3Bay has also recently added a new line of Hellbetty jewelry to it's inventory, so be sure to check on those items.

Tour dates for September / October that include a West Coast run have been posted to the tour section.


::: September 25, 2014 :::
Much respects to all who came out during the July/August run. We appreciate everyone makin' the current west coast run happen as well - this tour was basically thrown together at the last minute, and resulted in having to skip some of the normal stops, we'll get back to a full blown tour out your way as soon as possible.

As with any tour, you can keep up with what's going on via the Facebook page.


::: October 30, 2014 :::
The "Cussin' Board" has been upgraded - if you were a past member, you will need to register again. If you have never been registered, it's a place to discuss all things Hank 3 such as tours, lyrics/tabs/chords, and news, as well as pretty much anything related to music or general topics.


::: November 15, 2014 :::
If you are thinking about getting any items from 3Bay as Christmas gifts, you will need to get those orders in by December 15 to ensure they will make it to you in time - if you are not in the USA, you should make the order by December 12.

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