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Hank 3 News - 2013

::: January 11, 2013 :::
Thanks for another year! We're looking forward to hitting the road again soon. With that said, our condolences go out to the family of Mike "leftyaxe" Kerr. Mike left us on January 7th and was a longtime member of the Cussin' Board, and a respected member of the taping/trading community. We wish his family all the best.

As always, we are on the look-out for graphic artists who wish to submit designs for T-shirts, or posters, that relate to Hank 3 projects. If you feel your design skills are up to task, please send us your work on disc, and if we want to use it, we will contact you regarding a print quality file, as well as negotiating payment for your work. Please be sure to include any relevant contact information and that the artwork is in a viewable format for both Mac and PC. We ask that you DO NOT SEND ANY SUBMISSIONS via e-mail, Facebook, or other outlets. For your design to be considered it must only be sent to the address below:

3 Bay
P.O.Box 60185
Nashville, TN


::: January 16, 2013 :::
Drummer for the Damn Band and Attention Deficit Domination, Shawn "McNasty" McWilliams is currently doing well and "right on track" regarding the current physical therapy plan he's been on since having surgery to repair a rotator cuff, reattach a biceps tendon, and remove bone spurs. Shawn gave mention also that, "The green light is real close", regarding getting to hit the drums "his style". Shawn would like to thank everyone for their support, "This has been the hardest thing I've ever had to go through, I can not wait to start playing".

If you would like to wish Shawn well while he's on the mend and fighting to get back behind his kit, you can do so via his Facebook Group Page.


::: March 04, 2013 :::
Things are busy around the Haunted Ranch. How busy? Well...here is the latest, direct from Hank...

"I'm workin as hard as I can and as fast as I can to finish two records up. Right now I'm 25 songs deep in writin' while playin' guitar, singin', doin' my own drum tracks, then recording the other players. After that comes mixin' it, master'n it, the artwork...Once all that is done it'll be turned in. One is a country record...I'm not really sayin anything about the other record...As it looks right now, hopefully we can be on the road by May..."

Even with all the recording work going on, Hank still has found time for a new hobby, leather work. He often sells his handmade key chains, and belts through his personal Ebay page. If interested, you can also find various other items for sell there as well, many of which can be personalized with an autograph.

And if you haven't already, stop by and "like" the only Official Facebook Band Page.


::: April 28, 2013 :::
Artwork for the new releases is being finished up and after that, it will all be turned over for distribution. A release date will be posted when possible, as well as any tour dates, once a full schedule is confirmed.


::: May 03, 2013 :::
The master tapes for the two upcoming releases have been sent to the distribution company, Megaforce Records.

A "Country" release, will be entitled, "Brothers Of The 4x4". The second, is what Hank describes as a Hellbilly/Punk styled release will be named, "A Fiendish Threat".  As it stands now, "Brothers Of The 4X4" will contain 16 tracks, and "A Fiendish Threat" will hold 13 tracks. No release date, or tour dates supporting the two releases have been set.


::: May 21, 2013 :::
A much anticipated release, "The Outlaw Ways", a song collaboration between Hank 3 and David Allan Coe became available for download today via itunes.


::: May 22, 2013 :::
The Fuse YouTube channel recently posted this video interview with Hank 3 for their "Crate Diggers" series. The video series profiles people with extraordinary vinyl record collections, as the owner displays and tells the stories behind their collections.

::: May 23, 2013 :::
Check out Tara Israel's "On the Road Again", a photo essay from 10 days on tour with Hank 3.


::: June 09, 2013 :::

3Bay has decided to put together and sell another Official Hellbetty Pin-up Calendar. This one will be for 2014, and again comprised from personally submitted photos of YOU. All entries need to be sent in BEFORE AUGUST 15th and adhere to the following guidelines:

1. All submissions MUST HAVE something Hank 3 related in the photo, and be visible. Merchandise, tattoo, artwork, etc...anything Hank 3 related.
2. NO SUBMISSIONS will be accepted via email, or other electronic outlets. The ONLY submissions that will be considered must be sent to us in the form of print quality photos, either in hard copy form, or placed on digital media such as a CD/DVD/Flash drive. Again, keep in mind, THIS IS FOR PRINT, SO THE HIGHER THE RESOLUTION OF THE PHOTOS, THE BETTER. And please be aware, no entries will be returned.
3. All submissions must include contact information! This is extremely important! If your entry is selected to be included within the calendar, you MUST sign a legal waiver, and thus we will need that information in order to contact you.

So, what are you ladies wait'n on?!?! You can send your entries to the address below - and remember, you only have until AUGUST 15th to get them to us! Be creative, comprise certain holiday themes, just be absolutely sure you follow rule #1, and have fun!

3 Bay
P.O.Box 60185
Nashville, TN


::: July 30, 2013 :::
Tour dates for August/September have been posted to the Tour section.

On October 1, 2013. Hank3 will release a brand new double country album, entitled Brothers of the 4x4, and a single "punk" album, entitled A Fiendish Threat, with his new project “3”.  Brothers of the 4x4 and A Fiendish Threat will both be available as double LP vinyl versions.

-CD 1-
1) Nearly Gone 2) Hurtin For Certin 3) Brothers of the 4x4 4) Farthest Away 5) Held Up 6) Outdoor Plan 7) Deep Scars 8) Looky Yonder Commin 9) Ain’t Broken Down 10) Overdrive 11) Loners 4 Life 12) Dread Full Drive
-CD 2-
1) Gettin Dim 2) Possum in a Tree 3) Broken Boogie 4) Toothpickin

1) Can I Rip U 2) Different From the Rest 3) There’s Another Road 4) Broke Jaw 5) Watchin U Suffer 6) Breakin Free 7) Face Down 8) New Identity 9) Feel the Sting 10) Fight My Way 11) Full On 12) Your Floor 13) A Fiendish Threat


::: August 28, 2013 :::
One of the first interviews as the current tour kicked off was with the Dallas Observer, where Hank gave out a little more detail on the upcoming October 1st releases:

- Brothers of the 4X4 -
"It's a traditional country record, it's got your slow country songs if you need to get some bad emotions out. It's got a couple of, you know, the not as sad kind of songs and a couple of songs that just aren't really country but they're kind of folky soundin'."

- A Fiendish Threat -
"It's done on an acoustic guitar with a little bit of fuzz on it and a stand-up bass beatin' it down, it's a different singin' voice for me. A lot of people who've known me for 10 years say, 'Man, if you hadn't told me it was you, I wouldn't have guessed. It just doesn't sound like you.' That's a good thing for me. That just means I'm changin' it up."

Several of the new songs are making their way into the current set lists during the tour, so be sure to attend a show. Dates are posted in the Tour Section. And if you have not already "liked" the Official Facebook Page, you can often read fan reviews, and see videos/photos from current tours.


::: September 03, 2013 :::
Both new releases, "Brothers Of The 4X4" and "A Fiendish Threat" are now available for PRESALE in the music section of 3Bay.

***Please make sure you read the Notice info for each release on the order page regarding shipping date as well as ordering other items at the same time.


::: October 10, 2013 :::
Brothers Of The 4X4 and A Fiendish Threat were officially released nine days ago. If you were among the many who pre-ordered or have since bought either of the releases - Much respect.

A tour, currently on the West Coast, will end on Halloween Night in Nashville...check the Tour section for all the stops in between, and the Facebook Page for various photos, video links, and news as well.


::: November 20, 2013 :::
3Bay has added many items to the inventory of all sections recently, so please browse by and take a look. Lot's of new Hellbetty items, some new Hellbilly shirts, used work jackets, and even a new messenger bag design has been added to the Gear section. Grab 'em while you can, many items go fast and inventory runs low this time of year. And speaking of that time of year - if ordering anything from 3Bay for Christmas gifts, be sure you get the order placed by December 15 to help ensure it is delivered in time or for any international order, please get it to us by December 12.


::: December 05, 2013 :::
Another year almost gone...As always much respect to everyone who came out to the shows this last year, and everyone who bought merchandise, and gave support. We'll be back out soon, so just keep an eye on the Tour section here, the Facebook page, and Twitter.

The Blairing Out with Eric Blair Show recently posted a near 45 minute interview with Hank to their YouTube page. It's a wide ranging interview as far as topic of discussion goes, but worth the time, so check it out. After you watch it, stop by their channel for even more videos with other artists:

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