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Hank 3 News - 2011

::: January 1, 2011 :::
First up for the new year will be a short tour with Arson Anthem, for whom III plays drums. Also included in Arson Anthem is, Mike IX Williams (vocals), Philip H. Anselmo (guitar), and Collin Yeo (bass).

Updated and additional official tour dates for Arson Anthem can be found at Houscore Records.

1/25 - Spartanburg, SC - Ground Zero
1/26 - Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade
1/27 - New Orleans, LA - The Hangar
1/28 - Fort Worth, TX - Rail Club
1/29 - Fayetteville, AR - Drifters
1/30 - Nashville, TN - Exit/In

In addition to the Arson Anthem tour, III will be busy with his own projects now that he is officially no longer a part of his former record label. For insight on what is to come, stop by the Premier Guitar magazine web site, and check out this video where III gives a rundown on his live show set-up, as well as a look into the future regarding his own music.


::: February 26, 2011 :::
A big thanks to all who came out to the Arson Anthem shows last month! There will be yet more destruction on March 16 as Arson Anthem plays Emo's in Austin Texas as part of Housecore Records' Showcase during the South by Southwest music festival.


::: March 28, 2011 :::
The Haunted Ranch has been, and continues to be a busy place during the time off from the road. III's been busy with various projects, as well as recording new material. Keep an eye on the Official YouTube Channel as you never know when something new may pop up, such as this video recently uploaded by III - an impromptu jam from The Haunted Ranch with members of Sourvein and Earthride after a show in Nashville - and no, this is NOT the stoner/doom project Attention Deficit Domination (A.D.D.) that III also has in store for the future:

::: April 4, 2011 :::
One upcoming show has been confirmed - The Revival Festival in Austin Texas on May 28th. Also appearing, along with other bands, will be our good friends, Reverend Horton Heat. Ticket info and show times can be found on the festival website.


::: May 18, 2011 :::
Still lot's of twistin' and tweakin' goin' on at the Haunted Ranch - news of new material could be coming soon, so be sure to keep watch here, the official YouTube Channel (often updated by III himself), and III's personal Facebook page - the ONLY "official" page on Facebook.


::: June 23, 2011 :::

With his own new label, Hank3 Records, and the sense that he has thrown off the chains holding him back creatively, Shelton Hank Williams III, aka Hank3, is coming out swinging this year with the release of four records on September 6 - that's right - FOUR.

The unprecedented launch, in a distribution partnership with Megaforce Records (MRI), features a broad range of music that bridges more than one head-thumping genre - a familiar theme that true Hank3 fans have embraced for years. Ghost to a
Ghost/Guttertown, a double-album set, is a straight-shooting country collection, flavored with Hank3's trademark hellbilly sound, and heavily weighted with Cajun influence (especially on Guttertown) and an ambient, lonesome mood - and a few very special guests.

Two more releases are Attention Deficit Domination and 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin - intensely metal-driven records on which Hank3 plays all instruments. Attention Deficit Domination is a pressure-dropping, doom rock statement that has been anticipated by his hardcore fans for years, and Cattle Callin explores a new mind-bending "Cattle Core" sound, featuring Hank3's speed metal woven in and around actual cattle auctioneering.

All three projects were recorded at The Haunted Ranch, Hank3's home and studio that lies on the outskirts of Nashville - a fitting place since the town has never really known what to do with this grandson of the American icon. He finally parted ways with Curb Records January 1.

"I have musical freedom. I'm able to say 'Here's my record' and I don't have to go through a million different channels just to put out a song," he says. "It's all me now."

Hank3 wrote the lion's share of the songs that appear on the 30-track Ghost to a Ghost. The players are Andy Gibson on steel guitar and banjo, who also aided in its recording, David McElfresh on fiddle and mandolin, Zach Shedd on standup bass, Daniel
Mason on banjo, super-picker Johnny Hiland on guitar, Billy Contreras on fiddle, and Rory Hoffman on accordion.

Guest appearances include the mythical Tom Waits on the haunted "Fadin Moon" from Guttertown and on the Ghost to a Ghost title track, Alan King of Hellstomper, Les Claypool of Primus fame and beyond, Dave Sherman, Troy Medlin and Hank3's dog,

Cuts such as "Guttertown," "Ridin The Wave," and "The Devil's Movin In" on Ghost to A Ghost, and "Goin to Guttertown," "The Low Line," and "I'll Save My Tears" on Guttertown highlight both the excellent musicianship on the records, and Hank3's
unmistakable, confident vocals.

Attention Deficit Domination allows the listener into Hank3's crunching, metal world of the heavy and the slow, complete with his renowned, fundamental percussion. The nine tracks hardly allow you to get up from the floor. With songs such as "I Feel Sacrificed" and the tormented "Livin Beyond Doom," Hank3 works a ground somewhere between devastation and high theatre.

"Both A.D.D. and Cattle Callin are very intense. It's very manic," Hank3 says. "It's hard to follow, even for the guys I play with. I'm playing everything on these two. It's very complex."

There are 23 tracks on Cattle Callin, featuring Hank3's driving, formidable guitar attack, with instrumentation build around the auctioneering and, in some cases, his own higherregister vocal treatment laid over the top. Metal fans will notice some tongue-in-cheek humor with titles such as "Heavy Cattle" and "Angus of Death." Also, fans of bluegrass will love the banjo-driven "Cattle Callin Lonesome Blues," featuring Mason.

"I was raised around it [cattle auctioneering] and it's pretty amazing how fast these guys are," Hank3 says. "Hip-hop has looped auctioneers. Bluegrass has messed around with it a little bit. This has never been done in the heavy metal world."

The September release of all three projects represents a new birth for Hank3, and he's happy to have the chance.

"Megaforce Records has helped me with my vision to do something that's never been done before," he says. "They're handling my distribution, and I wanted to flood the market and do everything different. I wanted to come out of the gate strong.

"I'm opening up the mind a little bit and bringing some different styles together."

And in other news...July shows at Layla's Bluegrass Inn in Nashville are in the works - keep an eye on the Tour Section, once confirmed, they'll be posted.


::: June 24, 2011 :::
Two dates for Hank3/Attention Deficit Domination added to the Tour page.


::: July 11, 2011 :::
Exclusive Free Downloads from Decibel Magazine!
Two tracks from the upcoming (September 6) release of Hank 3's speed metal album 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin have been made available for streaming or download via the Decibel Magazine site - stop by and read the article by Jeanne Fury and give 'em a listen!

Also, Vintagequeen54 has uploaded numerous YouTube videos to her channel from the July 8th show at the Exit In in Nashville and included in those are several other new songs, be sure to visit there as well!


::: July 13, 2011 :::
Track listing and cover art for the September 6th album releases...

* Track List (Ghost to a Ghost - Disc 1) *
Gutter Town / Day By Day / Ridin The Wave / Dont Ya Wanna / Ray Lawrence Jr. / The Devils Movin In / Time To Die / Troopers Hollar / Outlaw Convention / Cunt of a Bitch /
Ghost to a Ghost

* Track List (Guttertown - Disc 2) *
Goin to Gutter Town / Gutter Stomp / The Dirt Road / Musha’s / The Dream of Before / Dyin Day / I Promised / Chord of the Organ / Move Them Songs / The Low Line / I’ll Be Gone / Troopers Chaos / Chaos Queen / Thunderpain / Fadin Moon / The Round / I’ll Save My Tears / It’s Goin Down / With the Ship

* Track List *
Tim Dowler - Black Cow / Joe Goggins - Now There’s A Bull / Dan Clark - 37 Heffers / Tim Dowler - Mad Cow / Mitch Jordan – Branded / Tim Dowler - Square Bailor / Jason Miller - Cuttin Hay / Mitch Jordan - Y Bar Ranch / Countin Cows / Mad Cow / Dominic Herrera - Lot 53 / Hugh Howell - Cow Sold / Hugh Howell & Eddie Cope - Cow Mortal / Gwynn Howell - Bull Balls / Hugh Howell - Heavy Cattle / Y Bar Ranch / Black Cow / Eddie Cope – Longhorn / Square Bailor / Moo You / Tim Dowler - Angus of Death / Jason Miller - Cattle Callin Lonesome Blues / Branded

* Track List *
In The Camouflage / I Feel Sacrificed / Bend / Make A Fall / Livin Beyond Doom / Demons Mark / Aman / Get Str8 /Goats “N” Heathans


::: July 15, 2011 :::
Tour dates are firming up and being confirmed - check the Tour section for the latest info.


::: July 27, 2011 :::
The Official Hank 3 Facebook page is up and running. Drop by and "like" for updates, shared photos, show reviews, announcements, possible contests, and other Hank3 related stuff.


::: August 2, 2011 :::
Pre-orders are up on 3Bay for the new releases, as well as 4 new shirts in the Hellbilly section.


::: August 5, 2011 :::
Hank3 talks about releasing four records on the same day, and leaving his old label on Noisecreep.


::: August 19, 2011 :::
On August 27 Hank3 will be playing a benefit show for Happy Tails Humane, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of animals in Middle Tennessee by rescuing, caring for, and finding adoptive homes for unwanted pets. The benefit will take place at the Factory at Franklin. If you are in the area - stop by for a great cause. Ticket info and more details can be found at the Happy Tails Humane website.


::: September 5, 2011 :::
Tomorrow is the big day...the unprecedented release date of four separate and multi-genre albums by Hank3. To support the new material which consists of Country, Doom/Stoner-Rock and Speed Metal, Hank and the guys' will begin a 24 date tour tonight in Atlanta Georgia. Each night of the tour will consist of approximately two-and-a-half to three-hour sets, beginning with with a Country set, then morphing into the more rowdy Hellbilly sound, and finishing off with the Doom/Stoner-Rock tunes of Attention Deficit Domination.

Along with the new material becoming available in stores, it will also be available on September 6th via iTunes. The direct iTunes Store links to each release are:
Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town
3 Bar Ranch  Cattle Callin
Attention Deficit Domination

A new, up to date bio has been added to the info section of the Official Hank3 Facebook page. Stop by there and "like" the page to check out fan videos from the shows, shared photos, reviews, and other various Hank3 items of interest.


::: October 7, 2011 :::
Tour dates for November are being set up - check the Tour section for up to date info...more will be added as they are confirmed.


::: October 10, 2011 :::

LOS ANGELES, CA  (Monday, October 10, 2011) - Armed with an unprecedented three new albums - the double-country Ghost to a Ghost/Guttertown, the doom-rock Attention Deficit Domination, and the speed-metal Cattle Callin - that were released on September 6 through his very own, recently-launched record label Hank3 Records, Hank Williams III, now and forever to be known as Hank3, will kick off the second leg of his 2011 North American tour in Asheville, NC on Monday, November 7.  The three-plus-week trek will play primarily in east coast cities and will include a New York date, Brooklyn's Music Hall on November 15. For ticket purchasing information, log onto www.hank3.com.

This second leg of Hank3's two-year global trek follows the near-sold-out first leg, during which he provided one of the best values in live music with his two-and-a-half-plus hour shows.  One reviewer wrote, "It was one of the most energetic performances I've seen.  He covered material from ten different albums, spanning four genres, and hardly took a minute to breathe before railing off song after song."  There's nothing quite like a Hank3 concert where you'll see cowboys sporting Stetsons and punks with mohawks.  And with the singer's influences spanning country, punk and hard rock/metal, Hank3 is a musician who makes it OK for punks and metal heads to admit that they like country music.

"I've been off the road for awhile, and I'm looking' at two years of bein' full-on dedicated to goin' out there and doin' what we do," said Hank3.  "That's one of the reasons I wanted to release all of these albums at the same time, so I could just focus back on the touring again."

As his fans have come to expect, Hank3 will give everyone in attendance their money's worth by performing for anywhere from two-and-a-half to three-hour sets a night. The evening will open with a Country set, followed by a louder, rowdy Hellbilly set, culminating with a set featuring his new metal/doom band, Attention Deficit Domination.

"This is gonna be a little different for the fans who have been used to seein' Assjack for the last 10 years," Hank3 explained.  "Assjack was almost fast hardcore, and ADD is slow, Melvins, sleep-oriented doom rock.  So it's gonna be a lot different to see and feel, compared to what most people are used to seein' me do live."

All three of Hank3's new releases were recorded at The Haunted Ranch, Hank3's home and studio just outside of Nashville.  He wrote the bulk of the songs that appear on the 30-track Ghost to a Ghost/Guttertown, a straight-shooting country collection, flavored with Hank3's trademark Hellbilly sound, and heavily weighted with Cajun influence and an ambient, lonesome mood.  Ghost to a Ghost features guest appearances by Tom Waits, Alan King of Hellstomper, Les Claypool of Primus fame, Dave Sherman, Troy Medlin, and Hank3's dog, Trooper.  Attention Deficit Domination allows the listener into Hank3's crunching, metal world of the heavy and the slow, complete with his renowned, fundamental percussion.  The nine tracks hardly allow you to get up from the floor.  The 23-track Cattle Callin features Hank3's driving, formidable guitar attack, with instrumentation built around the auctioneering (provided by legendary auctioneers Mitch Jordan and Tim Dowler) and, in some cases, his own higher-register vocal treatment laid over the top.  You've never heard anything like it.

"I've always taken the hard road," he added.  "That's what makes us different and what gives the wide audience range of 14 to 80.  Cowboys, punks, metalheads, jocks, grandmas, and the average everyday person.  We bring them all together under the same roof.  That's what makes us proud.  That's what makes it worth it at the end of the day."


::: November 4, 2011 :::
Tour dates for November - December have been finalized and posted to the Tour section...You can follow various postings from the road on either Hank's Personal Facebook page, or the Official Hank3 Facebook Band Page.


::: November 10, 2011 :::
If you have not yet purchased Hank 3's double disc release"Ghost To A Ghost/Guttertown" - now would be a great time...it's currently on sale at iTunes for just $7.99


::: November 16, 2011 :::
A great review and photo set from the November 15th show in Brooklyn by Metromix.


::: December 1, 2011 :::
While on tour in Minneapolis, Hank 3 recently took part in signing two guitars for Operation Happy Note, a volunteer organization that sends musical instruments to deployed service men and women throughout the world.

If you would like to find out more about Operation Happy Note, or how you can help out, stop by their website for more information. Donations of cash to help with shipping costs, instruments, or shipping materials are immensely appreciated and will help support a great cause.

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