Please Help Larry Miller Rebuild

We are making great progress to hit Larry's goal to help rebuild the shop where he created his world famous brand name “Bon Tee Cajun” accordions in Iota, Louisiana, which was recently destroyed by a fire. At this time he has approximately $7000 more to go.

Some other items that are needed for the rebuild are plastic storage containers/bins for bolts, parts, etc...As well as basic tools such as screwdrivers, drills, hammers, squares, stainless steel rulers, center punches, shop-vacs, Dremel Tools, and so forth. If you have any such items that you wish to donate please Private Message my personal Facebook page and I will send you Larry Miller's address.

To see the inside of what was Larry's shop and perhaps get an idea on items he needs replaced, check out these YouTube videos:

Thank you to everyone helping out and spreading the word!

Visit Larry's GoFundMe page here: