Packin' Up & Trooper's Hollar

Recently, while a guest on The Alamo Jones Show (SiriusXM Outlaw Country Ch.60), Hank advised he soon would be moving base-camp from his infamous "Haunted Ranch" to another location..."No camp, no war. So once the camp is officially taken care of, we’ll be back in the trenches." Further elaborating on when the next tour cycle might be, Hank related, "First thing we’ll do when it’s not even half way set up, we’ll try to do a run, just to see what crew is gonna make it back, and who’s not, and all that fun stuff. But it’s around the corner for us."

Also during the show Hank made his first public announcement on the passing of Trooper, one of his beloved rescue dogs, and a fan favorite from his guest appearance on the song "Troopers Hollar" from the album Ghost To A Ghost / Guttertown..."He was great. He’s been on the bus, been on the road, been in the studio. He held it all down…He was half black and tan, half Doberman. I found him at a Sonic in Poplarville, Mississippi driving back from New Orleans. We had some good times. I said we did it all."

For a couple of weeks after the announcement regarding Trooper, Hank received many heartfelt condolences. In response to everyone's sincerity, Hank remarked via both his Personal Facebook Page as well as The Official Band Facebook Page, "Thanks For All The Support and Comments about Trooper. He Left Us on April 3rd 2014 and I didn't tell many folks on the net, And Then I lost My 2nd Boy Hance On April 20th 2015 SO no fun for sure! Here is Troopers Resting spot on top of Troopers Hollor~ Me and Trooper got to work together there for years before he passed,Hauling stone up from the haunted ranch to his final resting place a couple hours away from Nashville."