3Bay Holiday Shopping Tips

As the Holiday Season approaches, we’d like to emphasize a few things that will greatly help in the overall process of you’re ordering and our shipment of 3bay products:

* For ALL orders, please ensure your correct e-mail, shipping address, and phone number are entered on the checkout page.
* For orders within the USA - 3bay uses UPS Ground (not UPS Express) as a shipping carrier. UPS WILL NOT DELIVER TO A POST OFFICE BOX. So please plan accordingly with an alternate shipping address. Any attempt to use a post office box for a shipping address slows down the process IMMENSELY, and may result in your order not being processed at all.
* For orders outside the USA - 3bay uses USPS as a shipping carrier. From warehouse to shipping address may take over two weeks. 3bay IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for any incurring charges such as customs or other such added taxes upon delivery.
* Some 3bay items may be sensitive to damage (window graphics/LP’s/etc…) when placed with other items. Any such item is listed as being so within the respective description of that item. Also noted in the description is that we ask you order such items independently from other items. Please do so. Again, not doing so will IMMENSELY slow down the process of getting your order to you, and may result in not processing it at all.

Further info regarding 3bay’s Terms & Conditions as well as our Refund Policy can be found at the bottom left of every page within the hank3.com domain.