2016 Hellbetty Pin-Up Calendar

3Bay is planning far in advance and officially getting ready for the next Official Hellbetty Pin-up Calendar (2016), and again it will be comprised from personally submitted photos of YOU. All entries need to be received by us BEFORE AUGUST 7, 2015 and adhere to the following guidelines:

1. All submissions MUST HAVE something Hank 3 related in the photo, and be visible. Merchandise, tattoo, artwork, etc...anything that is directly Hank 3 related.
2. NO SUBMISSIONS will be accepted via email, or other electronic outlets. The ONLY submissions that will be considered must be sent to us in the form of print quality photos, either in hard copy form, or placed on digital media such as a CD/DVD/Flash drive. Again, keep in mind, THIS IS FOR PRINT, SO THE HIGHER THE RESOLUTION OF THE PHOTOS, THE BETTER. And please be aware, no entries will be returned.
3. All submissions must include contact information! This is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE! If your entry is selected to be included within the calendar, you MUST sign a legal waiver, and thus we will need that information in order to contact you. When selections are made, we will contact you, so please respond as promptly as possible.
4. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - We ask that ANY photo(s) you submit NOT BE POSTED to any social media outlet, website, or otherwise shared publicly DURING OR EVEN PRIOR to the selection process. THIS INCLUDES NOT POSTING YOUR PHOTOS TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE for the Hellbetty Photo Album. If it is found that your submitted photo(s), or photo(s) even similar to what you submitted are in violation of this request, you will NOT be considered for selection within the calendar.
5. Please do not use any corporate type brand items in your photos - we do not want the possibility of them being construed as an advertisement for the brand.

So, what are you ladies wait'n on?!?! You can send your entries to the address below - and remember, you only have until AUGUST 7, 2015 to get them to us! No entries received after AUGUST 7, 2015 will be considered for selection. Be creative, comprise certain holiday themes, just be absolutely sure you follow all rules, and have fun!

3 Bay
P.O.Box 60185
Nashville, TN