Happy New Year everyone...

Thanks to all who came out to the shows during 2014, and to everyone who has also bought merch, and helped add to the Official Facebook Page by posting photos, commenting, and sharing posts. Right now is the usual time for some recuperation from the long tour grind, but we'll be back out on the road soon. Whenever a full tour is confirmed, it'll be posted to the Tour section here, as well as the other official outlets - the Facebook page, Twitter, and Hank's personal Facebook page.

As it stands right now, we need to break-even on the distribution costs of the last two album releases before we are able to release anything else. If you would like to help shorten that time, you can do so by buying those two albums, "Brothers of the 4X4" and/or "A Fiendish Threat" directly from 3Bay.

Especially during the down time, another site to keep an eye on is Hank's personal Ebay account. This account has been maintained exclusively by Hank for over 13 years and he's sold multiple personal items, leather work, and many other artwork pieces during that time.