Hank 3 News - 2008

::: December 21, 2008 :::
Tour dates are rolling in with Those Poor Bastards as supporting band. Check the Tour section for more details.


::: November 15, 2008 :::
The IBWIP Podcast which was recorded at the Metal Farm Magazine
Release Party that featured Hank III and the Reinstate Hank Campaign is now available for download.

As always, be sure to stop by the Reinstate Hank campaign site for recent news concerning the efforts to reinstate the legendary Hank Williams as a member of the Grand Ole Opry.


::: October 16, 2008 :::
III was one of four outlaws chosen to test drive new RUVs through wild wind and tough terrain at the Glen Helen Raceway for Side By Side Action Magazine's Battle of the Builders 2008, that focused on the Kawasaki Teryx.
The event was covered by LA Weekly - stop by their site for more photos!


::: October 10, 2008 :::
Come to a Hank III listening party near you! Check the blog on the Official Hank III & Assjack myspace page for more details.


::: September 15, 2008 :::
Just released today, III talks about the making of Damn Right Rebel Proud:


::: September 10, 2008 :::
Fasten yer seatbelts! We've just released two more video versions for "Long Hauls and Close Calls" - which will be the first single from the much anticipated, self produced, Hank III release of "Damn Right Rebel Proud".

- Muddin' Version -

- Hellbilly Version -


::: September 9, 2008 :::
Recently, a meeting of the outlaws took place in Paris TN for the filming of "The Wild and Wonderful Whites". White family friend and Producer Storm Taylor has teamed up with Director Julien Nitzburg (The Wild World of Hasil Atkins) to make a documentary about the legendary Jesco White and his family. "We have been following the family for about a year now. As you can imagine...It has been quiet a ride. I felt that that there was absolutely no way that we could truly complete this project without the support and music from Hank 3" said Storm Taylor in a recent interview. After a few months of planning, Hank III had a brief afternoon entertaining the cast and crew at his Nashville home. He then took the crew to a more rural setting....as Hank Jr. played host to what can be called a 'once in a lifetime' weekend. "Just imagine a cabin, some beer, a pig roast, 4 wheelers, a pond, Hank III, Hank Jr, and Jesco White all rolled up into a big Hellbilly weekend ball...unimagineable" Storm said.

'"The Wild and Wonderful Whites" is scheduled to be released in early 09' for MTV Films. The documentary will feature a wide variety of music, including local West Virginia artists....and Hank III (of course).

For updates on additional filming and information about "The Wild and Wonderful Whites" please vist Storm's Myspace.



::: August 21, 2008 :::
Thrasher Magazine recently interviewed III and will publish the article in their next issue, which will be available at magazine racks on 9/8.

In other news, here is the official press release for Damn Right Rebel Proud from Mitch Schneider Organization :

Don’t look for any apologies on Damn Right Rebel Proud, the upcoming album from Hank Williams III. Filled with a self-described “Jekyll and Hyde” mix of disturbingly dark stuff and “good ol’ country,” the straight-talkin’ third-generation rebel’s new album is set for release October 21 via Sidewalk Records.

The first single is the mutated truckers’ tune “Long Hauls & Close Calls,” for which a video has been shot. III thinks of it as the album’s “crossover” track, explaining that “It’s got a little bit of the scream for the kids in black and a little bit of the banjo and dobro for the country folks.”

Damn Right Rebel Proud follows the fierce and edgy Straight to Hell (2006), which broke all the rules of country music while still managing to honor its traditions. “That was a big one for me, man,” III says of STH. “Rock kids that don’t listen to country understood it. That record really had an impact.”

The new album honors tradition here and there. “Wild & Free” has a rollicking, Buck Owens flavor; ”Me & My Friends” is “a standard, good ol’ country song;” the populist anthem “If You Can’t Help Your Own” addresses what’s goin’ on right now with the government;” and the closing “Workin’ Man,” a duet with the tune’s author, writer/artist/construction worker Bob Wayne, sounds like an Alan Lomax field recording from the 1930s.

Recorded in III’s east Tennessee home with friends over a two-week period, the album’s magnum opus is the 10-minute, shitkickin’ symphony in three movements “P.F.F.” (you can guess what it stands for), which he describes as “a high-energy, get-drunk singalong.” He dedicates it to archetypal shock rocker G.G. Allin (certainly a first on a Nashville album), who III understandably views as a spiritual brother in chaos. “The hobo kids, the train-hopping kids, they all love Hank Williams and G.G. Allin,” he points out. “And they’ve bled into our audience.” III’s crowd is a roiling mix of outsider subcultures, along with working folks and party-down college kids. “Most of the time everybody’s gettin’ along,” he says. “Most of the trouble we’ve had has been with the security, not the kids. I’m still tryin’ to keep one half happy and the other half satisfied by flip-floppin’ the shows” between stone country, punk and metal sets. “We’re just doin’ what we’re doin’, and people see the realness in that.”

There’s some disturbingly dark stuff on here, like “3 Shades of Black,” which climaxes with a bloodcurdling horror-core scream, and “Stoned & Alone,” III’s corrosive take on a cryin’-in-your-beer country ballad, aches like a hangover after a three-day bender. “My dad’s version of that song would be ‘The Pressure Is On,’” he says. “I still live for the road; I don’t live for a lady – I guess that’s part of the problem.”  

But if you want really dark, check out “Candidate for Suicide.” “All the things I’m talkin’ about in that song – the rape, the drug abuse and feelin’ on the outskirts of life, as G.G. would say – that’s all true,” he acknowledges. “But just because you’re a candidate doesn’t mean you’re gonna go through with it. I’ve got no respect for anyone who tries to take the easy way out. Unless you can’t take care of yourself or stuff like that, I’m always standin’ for you to hold onto life as much as you can. There’s a huge amount of depression out there, and that’s really what the song’s about. ‘Candidate for Suicide’ is dark, but it’s not sayin’ do it; it’s just talkin’ about how it crosses your mind a good bit.”


::: August 15, 2008 :::
Various online music outlets now have the availability date for the collectors tin set for September 23 rather than the original release date of August 19. Be sure to stop by your local music store and preorder the collectors tin along with the upcoming CD"Damn Right Rebel Proud" - which is still set for a October 21 release. Along with the CD release there will also be a special packaged 12 inch vinyl LP of "Damn Right Rebel Proud" which will include the CD.

In other news - be sure to stop by 3bay, and check out the new black Damn Right Rebel Proud shirt in the Hellbilly section along with all the other official Hank III merchandise!


::: July 5, 2008 :::
Ya'll be sure to check out this site by Kawasaki, who has partnered with Hank III to tell the story of the Kawasaki Teryx "Side by Side's" capabilities.

III is part of the team of Teryx Outlaws that took the Kawasaki ATV's out for test runs, using them while off roadin', hunting, working, etc...Right now the site has clips up of III at the Haunted Ranch, giving the Kawasaki Teryx a Hellbilly workout, Turkey hunting with Hank Jr in Tennessee, and cattle herding in Missouri.


::: July 4, 2008 :::
The date is set!

The great state of Tennessee is gonna need to change it's state flag from 3 stars to III bars soon! The Hank III family is proud to announce the release of III's long awaited new album, "Damn Right and Rebel Proud" as October 21, 2008.

This album is again self produced and will shake the guns right offa your rack!  The first single will be "Long Hauls and Close Calls" - for which a video has also been produced that is full of muddin', truckin' and gunnin'!

We thank our dysfunctional family for all of its support and patience in the release of this album.

:::...The updated track list for Damn Right Rebel Proud...:::

The Grand Ole Opry Ain’t So Grand / Wild & Free /
Me and My Friends / 6 Pack of Beer / I Wish I Knew /
If You Can’t Help Your Own / Candidate for Suicide / H8 Line /
Long Hauls and Close Calls / Stoned and Alone /
P.F.F. / 3 Shades of Black / Workin Man


::: June 23, 2008 :::
A true release date for "Damn Right & Rebel Proud" has been decided.  This will have an official press release in the VERY near future.  Thank you to everyone for your support,  but for the time being there is no need to reach out to Curb about "Damn Right & Rebel Proud."  

Rest assured that this new album is well worth the wait. Be ready for a few tracks that have been added to the track listing!  It looks like the wind is finally at our backs, we are very excited to get the new record out and be back out there with the fans.  This is all very triumphant news for all of us.  

Thanks for all of your support! Many new photos have been added to the Tattoo, Artworks, and Road sections, along with a new section which includes photos from III's recent video shoot in Tylertown, MS.


::: June 10, 2008 :::
There will be a special collector's tin box release of the three previous Hank III CD's on August 19 by Curb Records. This collectors item is NOT being issued as new Hank III material. The upcoming CD, Damn Right Rebel Proud is coming soon.


::: June 9, 2008 :::
The latest Reinstate Hank rally that took place at CMA Fan Fair in Nashville was a huge success. III came out to help pass out Reinstate Hank postcards, get petition signatures, and even sell Reinstate Hank merchandise. Thanks to Layla at the Bluegrass Inn for letting us set up there to help spread the word.

You can view more news from the latest Reinstate Hank rally at reinstatehank.org as well as the campaign's official myspace page .


::: May 31, 2008 :::
“Reinstate Hank” rallies have been lined up for the CMA Fan Fair taking place in Nashville, TN. Rally times will be June 6th and 7th at noon-2pm and 4pm-6pm CMT. If you would like to take part in supporting the campaign by carrying "Reinstate Hank” signs, handing out postcards, or sharing information about the cause during this event, please visit reinstatehank.org for more information.


::: April 28, 2008 :::
New Reinstate Hank shirts have been added to the Hellbilly section of 3Bay, along with two specialty items added to the Gear section. New to the gear section are sun glasses with the III bars logo from our friends over at Electric Visual (see their ad for the glasses here) and just added today - the much anticipated III shield logo skateboard deck by longtime Hank III supporters, Sector9 Skateboards.

Be sure to stop by 3Bay for Official merchandise and reinstatehank.org for campaign information regarding the remittal of Hank Williams SR to the Grand Ol' Opry.


::: April 15, 2008 :::
All dates that have been released by various web sites for May have been postponed. If you recently purchased tickets, consult the location where you did so for information regarding their policy. Many outlets and venues may honor those tickets when the next tour does kick off - which we hope to be very soon. Please look only to our Tour section and official MySpace page for future shows and announcements. Once either is fully confirmed, they will be posted there.


::: April 2, 2008 :::
Thanks to everyone who came out for the Reinstate Hank Rally in Nashville on the the 29th and supporting the campaign. Your attendance and effort did not go unnoticed as evident in this article from The Tennessean newspaper. Watch reinstatehank.org for upcoming rallies and info.

Much respect to those of you who came out and got a lil' muddy at the video shoot as well! Once a few more projects are out of the way we'll get some photos up here - but for now, check out III's Myspace page for a visual.


::: March 20, 2008 :::
The first of many REINSTATE HANK rallies will take place Saturday, March 29th in Nashville, TN on the opening of "The Williams Family Legacy" exhibit at The Country Music Hall of Fame. The rally will take place roughly from NOON to 2P CST downtown around the HOF and up and down "Honky Tonk Row" prior to Hank Jr.'s Q&A and performance at 2P. Anyone, and everyone who wants to help out with the rally is more than welcome to come down and help out. If you are interested, please visit reinstatehank.org where you will find updates in the "Rally" section.

The Gear section of 3Bay has been updated with new Reinstate Hank Williams stickers - shirts and posters will be coming soon! Go git ya some!


::: March 11, 2008 :::
We have a launched a new website to aid in the campaign to reinstate Hank Williams to the Grand Ole Opry. Stop by and visit reinstatehank.org, bookmark it, and check back often as the site will be updated with various information about rally's and merchandise. You can also snatch up banners for your own website or myspace along with downloading desktop designs.


::: March 7, 2008 :::
A message from III...

I am looking for 50 to 60 people to come be part of a video we are shooting on march 29th and 30th.The theme is COME GET STUCK IN THE MUD WITH HANK III.
So, I am wanting to get some bad ass 4 x 4's rounded up that don't mind gettin dirty and pulled out by a tractor if they get stuck. Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!.
It's gonna be pretty laid back. We're gonna have a mud pit in the middle of a 50 acre field, a flatbed trailer, a bonfire and whichever Hellbilly's show up.
The location is gonna be on the Mississippi and Louisiana border. For those who are serious about coming to the shoot, email me at hank3videoshoot@gmail.com.
I will send you a wavier that you will need to sign if you want to show up and be part of the video.
I will also provide you with the best towns to stay in for hotels and give you the exact location so you can start planning your route.

Serious inquires only to respond hank3videoshoot@gmail.com



::: February 25, 2008 :::
3Bay is now being updated regularly. Item status for availability along with new items change frequently so don't forget to visit often for OFFICIAL Hank III merch. Don't get ripped off by various Ebay sellers. Official items are only found on 3Bay, and the merch table at shows.

Joe Buck, touring bassist for The Damn Band and Assjack is on tour performing his solo work. Stop by his official myspace site for tour dates and more info. Catch him if you can - it's one Hell of a show!


::: February 11, 2008 :::
Despite various rumors on other websites - the (hopefully) upcoming Hank III CD, tentatively titled, Damn Right and Rebel Proud, DOES NOT have a current release date. Quite simply, it is unfortunately tied up in the court system. If there is an official date, or announcement - it will be posted here.

The self-titled debut EP of Arson Anthem will be released February 19 to select music stores and online sites via Housecore Records; a label created by Philip Anselmo. Arson Anthem consists of Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual) on guitar, Mike Williams (Eyehategod) on vocals, Collin Yeo on Bass, and on drums is none other than Hank III.

Track List:
01. Year Of The Fork
02. Doomed Morale
03. Bunker Life
04. Hammer Them Out
05. Wrecked Like Clockwork
06. Cops Shoot Coke
07. The Avoider
08. Sri Lankan Medication

Arson Anthem plays scathing hardcore punk in the vein of their forefathers Discharge, Void, Hellhammer, Black Flag, Heresy, and Minor Threat. It's fast, it's nasty, and it's VERY pissed off. Arson Anthem introduce the listener to painful amplification, raw production, and a true "fuck-all" attitude. Check out the band's official myspace page and the Housecore Records site for more info.


::: January 14, 2008 :::
3Bay is currently stocking up on Hank III and Assjack merchandise during the down time so be sure to give them a visit!